5dMkII Lens Comparisons (Field Of View)

Director’s viewfinders are awesome at deciding which lenses you want to use for a shot.  But let’s face it…even if you’re willing to shell out $200-5000 for one, chances are they aren’t configured for the full frame sensor of the 5dMkii.

Well I don’t use a finder, so I created a chart of popular focal lengths to help me decide which lenses I want to use for particular shots.  After awhile I was able to guess pretty accurately but I still like to refer to the chart now and then.

I also created a second page, with the anamorphic (2.35:1) crop applied to the frame.

I highly recommend creating your own chart for each lens and keep it handy.  You can also download the PDF of my chart:  5DMKII_LENSOPTIONS

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