Ethics Statement

Everyone at Crooked Path Films recognizes a core system of ethics as one of the most important pillars in the foundation of success. While the practice of good ethics ensure legalities are followed, even more importantly they create the basis for mutual trust and loyalty with the people that our business relies on. To these people; who are our clients, employees, talent, crew, friends, and family…we want to be an example of integrity, honesty, and trust.

Serving Other Production Companies

When anyone from Crooked Path Films is hired to provide production services for another production company, we do so completely free of any “agendas” pertaining to building Crooked Path Films other than simply building relationships through good work. We will never solicit our client’s clients, including promotional activities like handing out business cards. When we are working in a “freelance” capacity, we are NOT building our direct client base…we are only there to make the project as successful as possible for the production company that hired us.

Credit, Copyright, and Portfolio

We each reserve the right to claim credit for the work we perform on projects, but do not claim ownership or copyright on works we were hired to create. We also display the works to others for promotional purposes (like on this website) unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Our Crews

We work with some of the best crew members from around the world. We personally pick the best people for the job based on our experiences working with them and their professionalism on and off set. We want our clients to feel what it’s like to work with a truly experienced and professional team and see how efficient the process is and how great the final product will be.


We have done extensive homework to create a rates that are consistent yet competitive to industry averages. We do not pad rates unfairly nor add surprise charges. Discounts are available, but only for one or more of the following situations: 1) payment made up front, 2) multiple projects / days 3) some ultra low budget indie projects, or 4) probono charity work.  We typically require a 50% deposit up from at proposal signing, and 50% upon project delivery, or for larger projects 50% deposit, 25% after wrapping photography, and 25% after project delivery.   We also recently started a policy to collect a credit card number for established companies or individuals and for out-of-state companies.


We use a simple proposal with clients that also serves as a formal contract when accepted and signed.  Whether turnkey or freelance projects, we always require a signed agreement.  If anything this serves as a great document spelling out the project that both we or the client can refer to since most projects have alot of variables.  We are also happy to discuss the use a client’s preferred form or sign additional agreements (such as an NDA agreement) if required.