Richard Allen Crook


Director | Cinematographer | Editorphoto 2
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Growing up in Seattle, WA, Richard started making movies at a very young age.  His first camera was a Fisher Price PXL2000 that used audio cassette tapes.  By high school, he upgraded his gear and was submitting to festivals, attending filmmaking symposiums, and anything else he could do to to learn and practice the many aspects of making movies.  After High School, he decided to attend Washington State University and the Edward R Murrow School of Broadcasting.  He is a firm believer and supporter of the imminent dominance of digital filmmaking.  He felt this was the best choice to learn the process of how to tell stories in newer “digital” way.

After graduating and moving to Dallas, TX, Richard worked in restaurant management while building a name for himself as a freelance cinematographer and editor.  Eventually he made the move to start a production company called Crooked Path Films.  He wouldn’t trade his years in management…not only because he learned how to run a business, but more importantly how to work with people and make the process enjoyable for everyone.

Richard also spends time giving back to the industry with guides and reviews/tutorials.  He wrote the popular “Online Guide to 5dMkII Cinematography,” and “Online Guide to Sony FS100,” both free online guides. He also conducts seminars on large-sensor digital filmmaking, guest write on industry websites, and operate the Crooked Path Films Blog that provides resources for other digital filmmakers.