Adobe “Mercury Playback Engine” – A Total Gamechanger.

Screenshot2009-12-01at9.49.23PMBeware MAC and Final Cut Pro users….it seems Adobe will be turning heads in the near future.  They are developing something called the “Adobe Mercury Playback Engine,” which is a software-baedgraphics accelerator that uses the computer’s CPU and GPU in combination to achieve mind boggling playback and render speeds.  If you’re skeptical, as I always am, then take a gander at this video:

Playing unconverted AVCHD and RED 4k FILES at FULL RESOLUTION without so much as a hiccup?  Rendering it in SECONDS??  I don’t care if you’re married to a MAC and FCP, if these claims are true then it’s silly to continue calling FCP the “standard.”  Will Hollywood eventually look to Premiere as the NEW standard for nonlinear editing?

More info HERE.

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