Blackmagic Cinema Camera – Just How ‘Bad’ is the Sensor Crop?

We are starting to see some footage and hands-on reviews popping up as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera enters the market. One of the best overviews I’ve seen is this one: I recommend giving it a watch if you’re interested in this camera.

So far what I’ve seen is impressive. Impressive in its simplicity and price, along with the images and the fact it shoots raw. Seems like the ideal camera.

But Blackmagic decided that they would use a smaller-than-4/3 sensor for several technical reasons and the fact that it would make the camera more expensive. They have hinted that this camera is only the first and that there will be more.

If you are stuck on the fact that the sensor is much smaller than the industry popular APS-C sensor…which will telephoto-ize most of your existing lenses and reduce depth of field effects, then perhaps you should hold onto your money. Or maybe get the camera and shell out more money on wider lenses and sell your 400mm Canon.

So how much of a difference really does shooting on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera make in your lenses’ field of view? I pulled out my iPhone and loaded the Artemis Directors Viewfinder (recently updated to include the BMCC) to do a few comparisons against an APS-C sensor camera (in this case the Sony F3).







So are the differences extreme enough to make you pass on this camera? Would love to hear some thoughts.

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