Cinematic Marketing Video Special

We have talked before about how every business with a website needs a website video.  We have done many of these and have put together an efficient and inexpensive, yet high quality package for any business to embed on their site or use on Facebook and other social media sites.

First, what does a Marketing Video look like?  Here are a few examples of the package special:

(iPhone users CLICK HERE for examples)



  • 3-4 hours of shooting at one location
  • interviews of owner or appointed spokesperson and testimonial clients
  • 35mm digital 4k cinema camera
  • Professional audio and lighting
  • Editing with music and graphics to a 2-3 minute video
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • digital copy for uploading to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc
  • $250 Professional voiceover
  • $50 Additional location (ea)
  • $100/hr after 4 hrs
  • $250 Dolly/Crane movement
  • $250 Additional 30 second edit of the same video
  • $150 Scripting per 60 seconds
  • (Varies) Stock footage
  • (Varies) On-screen talent like a professional spokesmodel or actors.
  • (Varies) Travel costs if outside the DFW Metroplex
  • More extras available depending on the project
*Extras are only added when discussed with and approved by you.  If we go over in time without approval…you will not get charged.
  1. Client signs estimate contract and pays 50% via cash, check, credit card, or Paypal.
  2. The shoot date is set.
  3. Client arranges for the location(s) to be prepared for the shoot.
  4. Interview questions are discussed with the client.  The questions are given to all on-screen interviewees so they may prepare.
  5. The crew shoots the video at the location(s) on the shoot date.
  6. Typically the first cut of the video will be presented no later than one week after the shoot date.
  7. The client has 5 days to either 1) send revision directions, 2) approve the video, or 3) forfeit the round of revisions.
  8. If the client wishes to make a revisions, we will do so and send back to the client for approval.
  9. If the client approves, then the video is delivered via download after the final 50% is paid.
  10. There will be 2 opportunities for the client to revise the video to make sure they are happy.

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