Interview with Dave Dugdale of

I had the pleasure of talking with Dave over at, where we discussed flat picture styles and color grading workflow.  You can read the full post here: Download the full interview (MP3) HERE.

Red Giant Software Shows Crooked Path Films The Love

Red Giant Software has posted several tweets and Facebook posts about my color grading demo. What an honor to be recognized by such a great company…a company that makes the best color grading software on the market. My… Read More

“UNAWARE” Wins Best Narrative at the California Film Awards

“UNAWARE”  has been chosen as a Best of Category Award Winner at the 2010 California Film Awards, their highest level of recognition! Orson Welles Award Winners Animated Film: Post-Nup:’Uppers’- Katharine Woodman-Maynard California Film: Napa – Tobey Jorré Documentary… Read More

World Premiere of “The Key” – You’re Invited!

“Some keys can open doors… others might open your heart.” Alex Clayton is a little girl lost. Lost in a tragedy. Lost in a mystery. But someone… or something is about to send her on a journey. A… Read More

“Frozen Ghost Vodka” Commercial

It was again a huge pleasure to work with Stewart Cohen (DP) making the spooky “Frozen Ghost Vodka” launch commercial.  The 30 second version will be played during the Halloween season this year at most major theatres around… Read More

“UNAWARE” Wins Award of Merit from the Accolades Competition

Many congratulations are in order to everyone involved on the Unaware project! The Accolade is unique; it is an awards competition, not a traditional film festival. Awards go to those filmmakers, television producers, videographers and new media creators… Read More

Replay of my Webcam Broadcast Interview with Mitch on

If you missed the live broadcast this Sunday, watch the replay.  Featured on, Mitch interviewed me about my use of DSLRs and our recent inclusion on the shooting of the feature “Moon Ring” in Hot Springs which… Read More

My Interview on the Radio Show this Sunday

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be on the radio show this coming Sunday evening.  If you’re not busy, would love for you to stop by and join us.  You’ll also be able to participate via… Read More

Moon Ring – feature film shooting on Canon 5Ds

When I first heard of Moon Ring from the popular DSLR cinema site planet 5d, I was immediately excited.  The film is being shot only 5 hours away from me in Hot Springs, Arkansas using all 6 Canon… Read More

Presenting the official trailer for “The Key”

It started one day when local actor Jim Blumetti happened to notice a page printed out on top of his home office’s printer.  He read what was on it, not something he had printed out…but a short story… Read More