New “LOG” type flat gamma profile perfects for grading, with in-camera look-up-table. After rigorous testing, the battle-hardened “CPF-LOG Picture Profile for the Sony NEX-FS100” is ready for the public.  We have done quite a bit of research on… Read More

Crooked Path Films’ Online Guide to the Sony NEX-FS100

 A Little Background… As a DSLR user and author of the Online Guide to 5dMkII Cinematography, I’ve been waiting for video camera companies to adopt the large sensor and interchangeable lens into a fully functional cinema camera based… Read More

Crooked Path Flat – Picture Styles for Canon DSLRs

Here’s a list of what’s offered and descriptions about each. A NOTE ABOUT USING FLAT PICTURE STYLES: The purpose of using a flat picture style while shooting video is useful if you plan to color grade the footage… Read More

Preshoot Checklist for HDSLR Shooting

Shane Hurlbut offers some great preshoot tips to HDSLR shooters. Very good advice…and I thought I would add a few more points, more specific to those shooting with one camera and limited crew and time. 1) Overheating. This… Read More

Adobe Premiere Pro: What are the best export settings?

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me or posted on a forum about the “best/ideal export settings for Adobe Premiere,” I would be a rich man.  So I’m posting a guide for Premiere users… Read More

Crooked Path Films’ Online Guide to the Canon 5dMkII

(UPDATE: I modified this to reflect the firmware release 2.0.8.  which makes all versions of Magic Lantern unusable, therefore I am removing the Magic Lantern options until a stable release is released.) The 5d2 is not made to… Read More

Color Grading: Using Color Profiles

If I have learned anything in the software-based world of video editing…it’s that achieving the look you want in your productions don’t have to be done purely by art direction, lighting, and in-camera settings.  There’s a whole new… Read More