5 Tips on Filmmaking for Income

Filmmaking isn’t an easy profession and I am often asked for some advice. I’m not Mr. KnowItAll McSmartypants here, I feel like I am learning everyday and will continue to learn forever.  However, after 6 years of doing… Read More

How to Convert to ProRes on a PC

If you are like us, you have an affinity for building editing computers.  There are several reasons for doing so but the main reason is simply getting the best bang for your buck.  You have ultimate control and… Read More

Sony to announce a “new F” on 10/31/12 – PMW-F5? PMW-F4k?

Is Sony taking lessons from the newer cinema companies in their marketing strategy?  It started as a tweet, then an announcement webpage went up to announce the announcement, then a store offered a preorder page for what they are… Read More

Blackmagic Cinema Camera – Just How ‘Bad’ is the Sensor Crop?

We are starting to see some footage and hands-on reviews popping up as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera enters the market. One of the best overviews I’ve seen is this one: http://www.moviemachine.tv/video/shooting-with-the-blackmagic-cinema-camera/48431007/. I recommend giving it a watch if… Read More

FS100 & Atomos Ninja Tests

  I had the chance to try out the Atomos Ninja with the Sony NEX FS-100.  It seems the jury is out as to whether adding the near $1000 device to the camera kit is worth the purchase or… Read More

“Historic” Canon Announcement November 3rd!

Oh my. Canon announced that it will be announcing something historic on November 3rd. What could it be? The announcement is in Hollywood, so no doubt it’ll be a new camera. Perhaps the 5dMkIII? Wide open camera is… Read More

Guess Which Camera This Was Shot On!

We filmmakers sometimes get caught up in what cameras were used to shoot various things.  What it was edited on.  What was used to color it.  There are several high-exposure people/companies with well-done camera comparisons on the internet…some… Read More

Leica-R Lenses – Cinema Glass in a Still Lens Size

6 months ago I was turned onto Leica lenses and decided to give them a try.  Bump forward 1 month, and I had sold all my Canon and Zeiss glass for a full set of Leicas.  I use… Read More

Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 – Awesome Comes With Some Opportunities

Red Giant just released the newest version of their awesome color grading software, Magic Bullet Looks II.  Naturally I nabbed it up right away, and have been color grading the short western “Courage” with it.  So far me… Read More

Philip Bloom Compares 5DMKII, FS100, AF100, and F3

When I was at NAB…the highlight of the convention was looking at my next possible camera.  (And dinner at AquaKnox in the Venetian…but I’ll save that for another blog post) What I found out is that I am… Read More