The Technicolor CineStyle Profile – Final Opinion

I’ve had a chance to test out the new Technicolor CineStyle in depth and wanted to share my final thoughts.  Overall this THE best attempt to create a LOG-C curve (or “Flat” profile).  The folks at Technicolor mentioned at NAB… Read More

The New Technicolor Cine Style for Canon DSLRs – First Thoughts

Here’s a quick test I did with the new profile, comparing to stock profiles and “super flat” profiles and how it all holds up to color grading.   You can get the profile here: Just a note, I’ll be… Read More

Clarification on the new Technicolor picture style for Canon dslrs

I know there are a lot of questions about the Technicolor Picture Profile for Canon cameras, and I got a good explanation today at the Canon/Technicolor booth. The Technicolor Cine Style is a profile created by Technicolor to… Read More

Support Green Filmmaking!

For the first time in relative history, we as filmmakers are in a unique technological position to help out our environment.  The ability to consume less in the digital world is a great thing…but we can all do… Read More

5dMkII Lens Comparisons (Field Of View)

Director’s viewfinders are awesome at deciding which lenses you want to use for a shot.  But let’s face it…even if you’re willing to shell out $200-5000 for one, chances are they aren’t configured for the full frame sensor… Read More

HDR Video…Coming Soon.

I am in the process of polishing a workflow and system to shooting and editing HDR video. It will be used on an upcoming feature film venture. Here’s a sneak peak at our progress:

Canon’s Announced 120 Megapixel Sensor and Why I’m Not Excited

I’ve watched Sony and Panasonic announce cameras that finally bridge the gap between DLSRs and Camcorders.

Adobe Premiere CS5 – Some useful tidbits

I’ve had about a week to play with Adobe Premiere CS5, and I’m already greatly impressed by it’s speed and efficiency.  I replaced my old Windows XP system with a new computer built by a friend to the… Read More

Panasonic AG-AF100 4/3 camcorder SPECS LEAKED!

First of all, there’s one thing about this camcorder that I can’t get over.  I’m not a fan of the Panasonic GH1, I think the quality of picture is what is most important and Panasonic just doesn’t have… Read More

Pluraleyes 1.2.2 (Beta 3) available for Premiere CS4 and CS5 users for FREE!

The software that helped final cut pro users automatically sync audio with their video is now available for Adobe Premiere users (PC) if you have either CS4 or CS5. From the website:  PluralEyes™ saves hours in post-production for… Read More