Update on Magic Lantern for firmware 2.0.7

It appears that the current beta of Magic Lantern isn’t working on the new Canon 5d firmware 2.0.7. I decided not to update to 2.0.7, because I rely too heavily on Magic Lantern benefits. Here’s the message from… Read More

An amazing short film by Shane Hurlbut, ASC shot on the Canon 5dMkII

Shane Hurlbut, ASC along with Canon sponsorship set out to set people straight.  The 5d is KING! Shane was the Director of Photography for films like Terminator: Salvation, Into the Blue, The Skulls, We Are Marshall, and Drumline.  So why is… Read More

So, What Camera Should I Get?

This is a common question asked to me many times.  So why not make it a blog post, right? First of all, there’s really no reason nowadays not to get a high definition camera.  If you need standard-def… Read More

The HDMI Saver – a MUST for DSLR Shooters

While shooting the short film “The Key” over the past few weeks, I blew through HDMI cables like crazy.  Anyone who uses an HDSLR know that the HDMI cable sticks out the mini port unsupported, making it vulnerable… Read More

The Great DSLR Shootout (vs Film) by Zacuto

Watch the episodes here (only EPISODE 1 currently): http://www.zacuto.com/shootout Initial thoughts: First of all, I’m very happy to own the 5d vs 7d for its dynamic range.   I’ve been saying over and over that “it’s all about… Read More

2.35:1 Cropping with the 5dMkII

As I’m shooting a short film this weekend and the director is wanting it in the 2.35:1 cinema ratio…I needed to come up with a decent cropmark that I was happy with.  There is a 2.35 cropmark on… Read More

Adobe “Mercury Playback Engine” – A Total Gamechanger.

Beware MAC and Final Cut Pro users….it seems Adobe will be turning heads in the near future.  They are developing something called the “Adobe Mercury Playback Engine,” which is a software-baedgraphics accelerator that uses the computer’s CPU and… Read More

5d Mk II Firmware Update – 24p, Histograms, Audio…March 17th?

Apparently there was a presentation today in Poland where Canon 5D MKII new firmware features were discussed. In picture from the presentation, there is a list of features that will be included (assumedly in the next firmware update)…. Read More

Internet Video Network Companies are Bad for our Industry.

I joined the “Turnhere” and “Studio Now” networks several years ago because I was starting out making money at what I love: shooting and editing videos. I was getting paid around $200 for a 1-2 hour shoot and… Read More

ASC Presentation

Here’s an ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) presentation on digital cinema being integrated into traditional film workflow. Gives a great overview of film vs. digital then the process the ASC is promoting for best use practices for digital… Read More