Clarification on the new Technicolor picture style for Canon dslrs

20110412-055304.jpgI know there are a lot of questions about the Technicolor Picture Profile for Canon cameras, and I got a good explanation today at the Canon/Technicolor booth.

The Technicolor Cine Style is a profile created by Technicolor to gain the most latitude for post grading. The picture style is uploaded into the any Canon DSLR via the Canon EOS software just like any other profile.

Many of us have used the Picture Style Editor to create a flat style, such as myself with my Crooked Path Flat. Doing this actually adds a “curve on a curve” and does so within the severe limitations of the Canon Picture Style Editor. We have seen the harsh falloffs of highlights and the weird muddy effect on faces/skin tones that these flat profiles create. But we also see the benefits of color grading on On flat styles too.

The Technicolor style is a very special edit of the native H264 gamma to a LOG color space rather than the standard REC709. What does this mean? Will it be a great improvement for color grading versus the flat picture styles created with Picture Style Editor? Great question! It still records to H264, so the 8bit 4:2:0 compression is what you will still be coloring. There WILL be limitations, but overall this is pretty exciting to me. Ill do some testing comparing to my Crooked Path Flat and the neutral profile and post results.

The Technicolor picture style is completely FREE and available April 30th from this page:

Here’s the brochure they are handing out at NAB:


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