The New Arri Alexa Cameras: A “RED Killer?”

I have been following and will continue to follow the developments, product tests, and film community’s take in this camera…which is raising the bar once again in digital cinema cameras. Arriflex has 90 years of optical performance…and this new camera will adopt something we haven’t seen yet: two 14 bit A/D converters that deliver separate high and low gain signals that are then re-combined into a single 16 bit high dynamic range image.

So what does that mean? It means we potentially have not only a much better camera for it’s price than the fad-tastic RED, but a digital capture method rivaling true 35mm film.

Check out this article, which to the date of this blog post, is the best writeup I can find online of the Arriflex “Alexa” camera: arri_alexa-blue_fdtimes27

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