Job Posting – Freelance Junior Editor (PC/Premiere)


SUMMARY:  We need to hire a freelance junior editor for ongoing projects. This is someone we would like to be our go-to editor whenever as needed. Projects will have the primary bulk of editing completed but we need someone to do things like title creation, complete revisions based on feedback from clients, export and upload/manage videos online, some basic edits, color correction, etc.

MUST be proficient with Adobe Premiere and have CC 2014 installed, not an earlier version. Must also use PCs due to the amount of ongoing transferring that needs to be done.

EXPERIENCE does not have to be expert level but must be past basic level having edited on Premiere for more than 2 years.

PREFERENCE will be given to those who own a laptop with Premiere CC 2014 installed due to the need to have you occasionally come to our studio to transfer projects. The bulk of your work can occur anywhere but the projects must be transferred back to us (not just the final videos).

PLEASE SEND a link to your website OR a resume and link to your work to

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