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Crooked Path Films continues to grow as we move into 2014, and with that, we have a new logo and website.

We are also continuing to learn about the newest tools and methods to keep that edge and are eager to start sharing our work, industry tips and tools, and other fun stuff on our blog.  

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Hope everyone is having a great year so far!

By the way, here’s what we’re supposed to have next year according to BACK TO THE FUTURE 2! :

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20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)

Flying Cars

Obviously, it isn’t just Doc’s DeLorean that can fly. When Doc and Marty arrive at the future, they pop in going the wrong way on a highway — a highway at about 50 feet above the ground, complete with hovering signs and street lamps (although what the hell they’re supposed to be illuminating is unknown, because there’s obviously no street). Since there are plenty of cars on the ground of 2015 Hill Valley, I’m not sure if every car in the future could fly, but since absolutely 0% of the cars in 2013 can fly, it’s kind of a moot point.

20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)Mr. Fusion

Of all the inventions in Back to the Future II, Mr. Fusion would certainly have been the most useful. The time Home Energy Reactor transforms garbage — any garbage, apparently — into power via nuclear fusion. A clean, practically limitless source of energy that also gets rid of our trash? Back to the Future II, you are cruel.

20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)Power Shoelaces

Since Marty needs to imitate his son to prevent him from ending up in jail, he has to dress like him, and this includes a pair of Nike Air Mags whose laces automatically constrict, essentially tying themselves for the wearer. Not only do we not have these, but Nike actually released replica Air Mags in 2011 with non-functional power laces.

20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)Holographic Movie Theaters

Despite the fairly recent surge of popularity for 3D movies, we still don’t have genuinely holographic movies like Jaws XIV. We also don’t have holographic ads for movies, like the giant, 3D, incredibly obviously computer-generated shark that launches itself from the cinema marquee to chomp/promote itself to Marty.

20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)The Scenery Channel

This is the channel on the projected TV in future Marty’s house, which simply displays a landscape. Honestly, since pretty much all TV providers have free music channels, I’m a little surprised no one’s thought to include this as a feature. It’s be better than watching E!, at least.

20 Lies Back to the Future II Told Us (Besides the Hoverboard)Food Hydrators

Besides ceiling bananas, the other item the McFlys have for dinner is a pizza, fresh from the hydrator. Of course, the pizza that Grandma Lorraine puts in the hydrator doesn’t look dehydrated, it just looks like a tiny pizza; however, the hydrator both enlarges the pizza and cooks it. With, uh… hydration, I guess.

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