Panasonic AG-AF100 4/3 camcorder SPECS LEAKED!

First of all, there’s one thing about this camcorder that I can’t get over.  I’m not a fan of the Panasonic GH1, I think the quality of picture is what is most important and Panasonic just doesn’t have nuthin’ on Canon.  This camera is most likely going to emulate the GH1, but hey, they had me at HD-SDI outputs for uncompressed recording!

Looking at these specs, I’m quite impressed.  The SDI outputs being the most tempting, but factor in the variable framerates and conveniences that we’re used to on regular video cameras and I’m starting to calculate in my head how much a month I need to put aside until this baby comes out!

Two things that would prevent me from nabbing one up next year are:

  1. If Canon puts together a full frame 5d/video camera hybrid, and/or
  2. The AF100’s picture looks like the GH1’s…including those annoying vertical lines in high ISOs and the overall obvious picture quality (when compared to the Canons).

Enough of my talking…onto the good stuff!

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