Richard truly believes that every angle, camera movement, lighting scenario, color palette, and focal length inflicts an emotional response in an audience, and the art of combining those shots in particular ways will affect the way the story is told.

These are basically his methods for preparing to shoot a film: 1) understand how the director wants the story to be told and how he can help that visually, 2) tech scout locations and discuss angles, lighting, equipment, etc according to #1, 3) create a storyboard planning the shots and ideal for post color grading per the director’s vision, 4) keep the set professional and positive and make amazing images.

Editing / Color Grading

The most satisfying part of the production process is the edit.  This is when your blood, sweat, and tears finally come together into the final product.  If our editing work doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand up out of pure emotional response to the cut…then it’s back to it for us until it does.

Usually we like to create the first cut of a production alone.  This allows the editor immerse him/herself into the rhythm and the emotion and get a cut done efficiently as possible.  Then, we bring in the director and/or client or creative director to make changes and eventually create the final cut.  Our typical method is as follows: 1) finalize the edit, 2) finalize the sound design, 3) finalize the color.


Need an experienced producer on your next production?   Bruce has an impressive resume with over 15 years producing for the top names and production companies in Hollywood.   He will get you under budget while making your production a seamless and efficient movie making machine!