The HDMI Saver – a MUST for DSLR Shooters

While shooting the short film “The Key” over the past few weeks, I blew through HDMI cables like crazy.  Anyone who uses an HDSLR know that the HDMI cable sticks out the mini port unsupported, making it vulnerable to breaks.  I’ve tried gaff tape, rod support adjustments, etc to keep from bumping the cable and not breaking it…to no avail.

Until now.

My audio engineer / boom operator Alex Wagner pointed me to this solution, and I’m totally thankful for it.  All this time I was looking for an ‘L’ shaped HDMI to mini HDMI cable and couldn’t find one.  This little adapter makes a nice “L” shape connector so that you can save your cables from the perils of filmmaking.

Buy from your vendor of choice HERE.



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