“The Key” Cast/Crew Preview

I have been blessed to be a part of Jim Blumetti’s (410 Garfield Films) film “The Key.”  He came to me some time ago with a story written by his talented daughter Gabrielle (who is also the lead) and asked me to be the Cinematographer and Editor for the project while he directs.  I was immediately taken by the story and the inspirational theme with a sort of ‘magical’ treasure-hunt type underscore that appeals to the child in all of us.

My job is to take Jim’s vision of the story, how he wants the story to affect the audience emotionally, and create the visuals that will support the story and performances to enhance those emotions.  We still have a few shots to get done but I wanted to put together a short preview for the cast and crew so that they may see what they’ve been working so hard and good on.  Fortunately…I have the permission from Jim to “leak” this onto my site.  Enjoy!

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