Update on Magic Lantern for firmware 2.0.7

It appears that the current beta of Magic Lantern isn’t working on the new Canon 5d firmware 2.0.7. I decided not to update to 2.0.7, because I rely too heavily on Magic Lantern benefits.

Here’s the message from Trammell:

I updated my 5D Mark II to 2.0.7 this morning and ran the old 1.0.7 based dumper on it. It is odd that Canon has not enabled any of the security features on the 5D’s firmware files, in light of their intense efforts to protect the 7D.

Attached is my preliminary IDC file for the ROM0.bin image (loaded at 0xFF80_0000, as usual).

I’m making my way through the 2.0.4 stubs.S file to locate the new symbol locations and hope to have an update beta for 2.0.7 sometime in the near future. My real job has been taking 150% of my time and I haven’t had any spare cycles to hack on any of my cameras. As Mark Twain said, the rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.


So a new beta should be up relatively soon.  Until then, I recommend holding off on the 2.0.7 update until its ready.

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